Why a beard comb?

The beard comb is designed for larger beards in general, it helps to detangle large, strong beards. The space between the teeth of the beard comb is often wider than a conventional comb. There is therefore less chance of it being damaged. Contact us for more information!

Why is a man more handsome with a beard?

Beards hide certain facial imperfections, a slightly chubby chin or other small details that don't always benefit a person. Beards generally help make men look better. Supposedly, if a beard is not maintained, the person may be at a disadvantage. Contact us for more information!

Why use a beard brush?

Beard brushes are designed for beard hair. A beard hair is in no way designed for the texture of a hair. Plastic brushes can cause static and break beard hairs. Beard brushes are often made with boar bristles, which helps to make the hair softer and detangle it. Contact us for more information!

Why use good hair shampoo?

Hair can be damaged with poorer quality shampoos. Some shampoos dry out the hair and do not give the effect of healthy, shiny and thick hair. Investing in a quality shampoo helps keep your hair healthy. It's not what will control hair loss but it will help the texture of your hair to be soft [...]

Why children are less annoying when their hair is beautiful?!

A cute little cat, even if he gets into trouble, we are much more patient and therefore find him very cute. It's the same thing with a child with beautiful hair. Having beautiful hair makes children look cute and we are less inclined to argue with them. Contact us for more information!

Why should your son get his hair cut by a barber?

Confidence in yourself! Children also look at themselves in front of the mirror, looking good in front of their friends is just as important for your son and if not more for him than you. Children often see small details that adults don't see. Social pressure also contributes to children wanting to take care of [...]

Why cut your hair every 3 weeks?

Hair still grows back quickly and having your hair cut every 3 weeks helps you always look beautiful, clean and well-groomed! Having beautiful hair helps with morale, confidence and self-esteem. Contact us for more information!

What are the benefits of using oil beard?

Barbu Sportif's beard oil contains essential oils that moisturize your hair and the skin of your face. The Barbu Sportif team and its barbers have designed the perfect beard cleanser for you! Contact us for more information!

Why use a beard oil?

Beard oil helps your hair be softer, silkier, and less itchy for your partner and children. Beard oil will encourage the growth of your hair, which will be softer and silkier. Contact us for more information!

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